Wednesday, January 8, 2014

I can post from my pimp..I mean phone. <evil grin>

Guess whose back. For now.

Am I really doing this again?

So, it started with a email sent by a co worker.  A link to another person's blog.  Quiet a nice read.  Then I said self..this guy reads blogs.  Blogs.  Something that seemed to die off with Atari, books, rotary phones, hell pay phones.  In the world of Facebook and Twitter and Instagram and Vine and Snap Chat and and and..the list goes on. Most people let their blogs die. I let my blog die.  So, I went on a mission.  First on facebook about it.  (i mean really all my big decisions are made by popular consensus via fb.)  OK..that's a lie but it sounded funny so work with me.  After a baby discussion here I am. Will I keep up with this?  Who knows? Probably not?  But let't not be greedy and enjoy it for what it's worth.  For however long it lasts.  I loved my old blog after being coaxed (these days we call it bullying) by my two older sisters.  At that time we were all living in different cities.  Two in CO and little ole me in MI.  Little ole me will never live in Co..but that's a different entry bound to spark debate and ugly comments.  I'll save that for a day I'm ovulating and feeling really snarky! :)  I blogged a little here and there at first...then, like now, I found myself speaking to myself and saying "blog about this"  now it's"post about this or tweet that."  Lord revulation..I'm a social media whore.  There I said it..first step right?
I'm not sure when I stopped.  I found a like through a blog I read frequently..dooce.  She was cool then.  really cool.  Suspect she still is.  Found her on twitter recently.  Sure she has me blocked.  I creeped her blog a lot.  I'm gonna creep again.  Many years to catch up on. So, the comment I made reference my son as being 4 years old.  awe!  Let me revel in that a moment.  He's 13 now.   Give me another moment. Sweet precious FOUR YEAR OLD Kyle.  *sigh*  

So, he's 13.  She's 18.  Yes, 18.  Still makes me choke on my spit a little.  Me..I've aged a little too.  But no need to dwell on that.  Where's the other one you ask?  Well, he left.  He left and started a new adventure. One he thought would be greener and more fun. He'll tell you now it was like showing up at Disneyland and finding out it was closed for remodel.  Nothing but an empty parking lot.  He's back now in their lives. Having regained their love and trust.  He's my friend again and I like it.  We are excellant parents.  I mean the mere fact that the boy is 13 should prove something.  

So much to catch up on again.  Not enough time at this moment.  Guess you'll have to stay tuned. If you're out there.  Are you?